Purdys Chocolatier

I’m back! A career in food is a career for me. Ah, writing another post on food really makes my taste buds excited! I decided to continue my passion for food by blogging about it 5 days a week as a challenge for myself. Keep an eye out for these posts because you’re about to embark on a … More Purdys Chocolatier

No-Bake Beef Bourguignon with Red Wine

Imagine cuddling with a furry friend, enjoying the warmth from a fireplace, and listening to the soothing crackles of the fire. That is how this no-bake beef bourguignon will make you feel! One of my favourite dishes, I present to you the key to staying warm this winter. I’ve been making beef stew/bourguignon without using the oven for … More No-Bake Beef Bourguignon with Red Wine

Michelin Guide: Peter Luger’s Steakhouse of Brooklyn

Welcome to Brooklyn’s bustling steakhouse – Peter Luger’s. The steakhouse’s photo gallery has pictures of the restaurant when it is vacant, but no, that is not Peter Luger. What the restaurant truly sells is not just the giant slabs of bone-in meat, it is also the ambiance, the warm and gruff servers, the laughter, the clinking of glasses, and … More Michelin Guide: Peter Luger’s Steakhouse of Brooklyn

Michelin Guide: BLANCA of Brooklyn

Photo: New York Times  BLANCA was the first Michelin rated restaurant we went to this summer, and it set the standard for the rest of our Michelin-tasting journey. This post aims to provide you with a detailed, in-depth, dish-by-dish review of the restaurant. Like the works of a rising artist, many dishes bloomed beautifully with unexpected combinations … More Michelin Guide: BLANCA of Brooklyn