About Rai

Chic, classy, and creative; these are the words I live by.

Thank you, fellow reader, for showing enough interest in me to click on the “About” page. People don’t read much these day, so I’ll give you a thumbs up for actually making the effort to read this.

An “About” page will most likely only provide the cursory overview of a person, and if you think you can truly know someone from this page…think again. Here are a few things I want you to know about me (of course, only the positive things).

I enjoy being blunt and straightforward; I absolutely abhor beating around the bush and think it’s a waste of time. I value honesty to the extent I value the people I care about.

Food. Food is what makes me excited every day. The easiest way to cheer me up? Tell me about a delicious dish and you will see my eyes sparkle as you blow my soul back into my body with your description of food. I love experimenting with new recipes and adding my own touch to them. My parents are foodies as well and I’ve sampled over 10 Michelin-rated restaurants!

Books. Oh, books. Yes, I love books. I can stay in a bookstore for hours if they serve food and drinks. I also graduated with an Honours English Literature and Rhetoric/Professional Writing degree. Unfortunately, being a Literature major does not mean I constantly have perfect grammar and spelling. No no, please don’t think that about me. I just like to read and write, that’s all 🙂

I’m not just a nerd, I’m a stylish and healthy nerd. I enjoy shopping for clothes and working out (not in the winter). And my current goal is to be able to do a full core routine to the song Uptown Funk. It’s harder than you think!

League of Legends, Diablo 3, Guild Wars 2, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Fantasy Life..etc. I play all sorts of games. Maybe that’s why I have back problems…

Hmm, is it too conventional an “About” page now? Okay, how about I tell you something else. What do you want to know?

Reach out to me and we can start a meaningful conversation. No small-talk; life is much deeper than that!


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