Purdys Chocolatier

Photo courtesy of Vancity Noms 

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I’m back! A career in food is a career for me. Ah, writing another post on food really makes my taste buds excited!

I decided to continue my passion for food by blogging about it 5 days a week as a challenge for myself. Keep an eye out for these posts because you’re about to embark on a delicious-tasting journey with me!

During my recent visit to Toronto Fairview mall, I rediscovered one of my childhood favourites – Purdy’s Ultimate Ice Cream Bar. Surprisingly, not many people know of its decadence. First dipped in warm white chocolate, then double-dipped in a silky rich dark chocolate, the vanilla ice cream bar was then generously wrapped in crushed roasted almonds in the end. Like a proud queen parading her rare delicacy, this ice cream bar was nothing like the commoners you get at grocery stores.

Upon first bite, the layers (yes, layers) of chocolate were still warm. Mixed with the melting creaminess of the ice cream bar itself and the slight sprinkle of salt in the roasted almonds, even my favourite Haagen-Dazs had no chance up against the illustrious queen.

Alas, the queen was short-lived. The coated chocolate being warm, the ice cream melted incredibly fast. It proved difficult to eat especially towards the end, with an unfortunate incident of bits of the ice cream bar diving head first onto my friend’s coat and cardigan.

Warning: Eat fast and use a napkin to hold the Ultimate ice cream bar. It melts ultimate fast, too.

purdys ice cream the ultimate ice cream bar

What about that ice cream cone I’m holding?

Yes, you guessed it. I ate some of my friend’s ice cream bar AND my own ice cream.

I had another old favourite – rum raisin. Purdy’s rum raisin was decent, in between Haagen-Dazs and Baskin Robbins. It was the next best thing since grocery stores here do not sell HD in this flavour. Regional: 7.9/10; Worldwide: 7.5/10.

Easter is coming up, why don’t you get chocolates for family and friends from Purdy’s and give yourself the excuse of having the Ultimate ice cream bar?


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