Summer Anime Reviews

Over this summer break, I’ve had the luxury of catching up on some highly anticipated anime this year. As always, there are some hits and misses. This post, ladies and gentlemen, is Monocle Rai-cat’s quick and dirty reviews to save your time! 😛


1. Psycho-Pass: Dark, bloody, unpredictable. Although this anime requires a lot more time to digest, the ethical problems are relatively realistic and intriguing. What exactly constitutes freedom of choice? What is the value of human life if our fate is predetermined? 9/10


2. Blue Exorcist: Exciting, gripping, heart-warming. Some fun twists and turns here and there with a somewhat predictable plot (because I read too many shonen manga). Lacks character development. The series ended too abruptly in my opinion, but it is still a good anime to watch with lunch. 7.5/10


3. Log Horizon: Believable, well-developed, marvelous. Definitely one of my favourite anime now. Other than the exceptionally interesting characters, the plot is basically impeccable and deep. The setting of the anime is very well explained to a point where I can see myself in game with the characters. If you play PvE or PvP, you would appreciate the depth this anime has. 9.2/10


4. Sword Art Online 2: Ugh, ugh, ugh. I binge-watched SAO1, but SAO2 really disappointed me. The early episodes of this season were interesting, but as the week progresses, there doesn’t seem to be anything happening. As if the developers ran out of material to animate, the plot moves with slowness and bitterness: like the stubborn aftertaste of swallowing the lime skin in a cocktail.


5. Aldnoah-Zero: Engaging, thrilling, sensational. What SAO2 did in one episode, Aldnoah-Zero did in five minutes. I’ve always appreciated fast-pace anime for its recognition that the viewers are not in kindergarten and do not require someone to babysit them and “take it step-by-step.” Just when you think the plot has wind down, BOOM, some other dramatic development occurs. Even though the main character’s IQ is probably over 180 and his EQ in face of danger is just as high and unrealistic, the warring strategies he employs throughout the battles are phenomenal. 9/10

Verdict: Highly recommend Psycho-Pass, Log Horizon and Aldnoah-Zero. A final word to SAO2: JUST STOP TOUCHING EACH OTHER ALREADY GAHHH. Okay. Rant over 😛 

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